• 5/5 stars December 22, 2014

    • Annette has been one of my biggest supporters for many years. I can always depend on her to keep things real, speak from the heart, and offer sound advice when needed. She is also a great listener when I need her to be. Her life example is one I have followed as mother, an independent woman, a leader, an entrepreneur, a woman of God.

    • 5/5 stars December 22, 2014

      My experience working with Annette Patterson has confirmed what my husband and I have lived by since marriage. God will pour you out a blessing at your front door, which is exactly what she has been via her words and her actions. She has gone above and beyond within 2 days of meeting her, and a need truly was met. She is very much appreciated!

    • 5/5 stars December 22, 2014

    • 5/5 stars December 22, 2014

      Annette is one of the most influential people I have met! Her wisdom and guidance are outstanding when connecting with anyone she meets. I am grateful for Annette and the assistance provided to me.

    • 5/5 stars December 22, 2014

      She taught me how to be authentically me and not be apologetic for that! I can go into 2015 with the confidence that I have always wanted for myself, my talents and my life. My New Years resolution: Be unapologetically me.

    • 5/5 stars October 31, 2013

      working with AP ministries has given me the spiritual strength to set aside my adult adolescence and embrace my newly found Financial maturity. #7steps!!!

    • 5/5 stars December 10, 2012

      I have known Annette for over 10 years and I can honestly say she is one of the most inspirational women I have come across in my life. She has her eyes and heart set on the Lord and she never fails in her endeavor to uplift those around her. As a mother, author, and friend, I know that each person in her life is grateful to have come across such a light in these dark times. When I am having a bad day, an update from Annette will remind me why God is good and of his abundant blessings in store for me. I know that whatever ministry God has called for her, that she will take and make grow to the fullest. She is a breath of fresh air.

    • 5/5 stars December 8, 2012

      Ms Patterson has that deep relationship with God and has worked through issues that give her the strength and wisdom to have earned her stripes in this field.

    • 5/5 stars February 20, 2012

      I thank God for my life of ministry,He have gave me the gift to share His word in song with my Gospel Rap. I'm glad that I'm a friend of a anointed powerful lady of God,Annette Patterson.Thank you Annette for being my friend in Christ,may God bless your ministry..

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