Livin' Your Life Out-Loud on Purpose!                  

You've heard me say, "Life does not like you!" 

To some that phrase sounds mean, but when you really think about it, "what has life done for you lately?"

When I allowed life to treat me, as in, "How has life been treating you?" I was miserable most of the time. Going with the flow of things, taking whatever life dished out and fighting every step of the way.  

One day I decided to treat myself the way I wanted to be treated, the way God treats me and My Lifestyle Changed! 

When I took not only responsibility for, but also control over my reaction to my life experiences, they changed.  It was miraculous - not really, it was right. My God-given right to exercise my authority over every area of my life as a child of the Most High God.

My life is My life, no force, person, situation or circumstance can change that.  The only way I was going to experience the lifestyle of my dreams was to change Me. Change my thinking, my conversations (especially with myself), my associations and actions. 

The rest was simple (not always easy), as I began to evolve into the woman I wanted to be, things just started falling into place.  It is an incredible journey of never ending adventures every day and I love it!  Don't get me wrong, not every day is bright and sunny, but My Attitude is, so my experiences that day must reflect my thinking - it is a universal law, if you think it - you are it.   

My message is straight-forward and honest: Change Your Perspective, your thinking, and your attitude, then your world will change!


Happiness is a state of mind, it's a way of thinking and responding to situations in your life.  A smile is simple, just think about something that makes you feel good - go on, do it now.  See the thing and you will smile, it's that simple right?  Not always, it takes more than mere lip service, smiling or even laughing most of the time.  

Something has to change within you, in order for you to experience a change in your lifestyle.  God has given you everything you need to live the lifestyle of your dreams, All you have to do is believe it, Embrace it, Feel as if it's done and Act on it. 

You have the stuff in you right now, to live the lifestyle of your dreams!

You are special, you are a unique and excellent creation.  Never let limiting thoughts, negative self-talk, well-intentioned people, or any situation keep you from living your dreams.  

You can do this, you were made to do this! You Must Do This!

Motivation is external and comes from outside of yourself. Any type of motivation will excite you for a short period of time, then after the excitement fades, most people just can't get the momentum to continue in that flow.

Inspiration on the other hand, is the fuel that keeps you moving creating your own flow of  excitement, enthusiasm and joy. Look in the mirror everyday and declare that it will be a great day and that you will be happy and glad all day.  At first it will feel as if you are lying to yourself, but as you convince the person looking back at you, that what you say is true you will begin to believe it and actually have what you say. Your attitude is directly tied to your ability to rise above any situation and remain inspired to keep on moving toward your ultimate lifestyle... the lifestyle of your dreams.

Our society and the world are experiencing hardships; hunger, hatred, war (even within families), joblessness, health crisis after crisis and more.  That does not mean YOU have to allow the forces outside of yourself to break you down.  Rise above the circumstances, find positive outlets and people to surround yourself with, read/watch/listen to uplifting materials, write goals, plans and affirmations for a good future and things will begin to turn around. 

Your Attitude determines your Altitude in life, it's time to win!

 You will see a difference in Your world when you make the difference in You. - Annette Patterson, LES

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