Have you ever felt that you were put here for something more than the mundane day to day experiences most people face?

That is the universe calling you, it is God's way of letting you know that it is time for you to pursue your purpose. It is time for you to make a difference in this world, in this lifetime.

If you have been wondering why you are here, sit down with pen and paper in hand, write out all the things that come to mind that you have always wanted to do. Take your time, don't concern yourself with your ability to do these things, simply write down your desires. Once you have done that, choose the top five and write a sentence about why you want to do that thing. How would you feel if you were doing that thing right now? Would you be helping or impacting other people's lives? How would your life be different?

Now out of the five, choose your top three, these are the things you will focus on first, now pick the top One on your list. The number one thing on your list is priority #1, start writing, thinking, talking to yourself about, meditating on and making plans to Do it. The how will come as you move forward steadily toward your desired end.

It's no accident that you are wondering what you are here for, what you should be doing in life, how you can contribute more to society, your community, even your family. God has specific plans for you and you are right on time. Accept the appointment by taking the steps above. You will discover your purpose and live the LifeStyle of your dreams, when you do the thing(s) that put smiles on people's faces. By doing the thing that makes others smile, you will begin to smile yourself and feel happiness like never before.

Answer your call today!

Pursue Your Purpose with Passion and Power.
Annette Patterson, LES