2010 has been an awesome year!  I told you it would be if you believe in your God-given abilities and purpose! Knowing that God's got you and it's always going to turn around for your good.

As most of you know I wrote and published a new book which was released in August: 7 steps to receiving the desires of your heart (A biblical approach to true prosperity). It is an interactive guide, which will lead you to your true destiny when the principles and practices are applied to your life.

Many men and women have had transforming experiences after reading and taking the simple steps from the book. The steps are: 1) Seek the kingdom of God 2) Trust in the Lord 3) Commit thy way unto the Lord 4) Cease from anger 5) Walk in love 6) Speak the word of God 7) Rest in the Lord. The steps are very simple when you make up your mind to live your life to it's fullest. But due to the subtle forces all around us that seek to keep us down, it's not that easy, it is however worth it! You know the saying, if it's worth having it's worth working for, I'm sure that was a mis-quote but you get the idea. Some days it may seem as if nothing is going the way you want it to, just hold on, don't give up, keep moving toward your desired end and before you know it you will be living your dreams!

2011 is going to be even better than this year, with new opportunities for success, doors opening that have been shut, favor with people who seemingly never really liked you and more. Watch you will see a shift in your life in 2011, a radical flow of good and happiness. You will be blessed when you come in, blessed when you go out, blessed in business, blessed at home, blessed within your inner circle, blessed in your body and mind. The blessings of the Lord will overflow in your life in 2011!

Today begin refecting on 2010 and all the good things that God has done for and through you. I want you to leave this year and enter into next year with an attitude of gratitude! Stay grateful for every good thing, all day every day; find things to say thank you for and as you do that, your world will begin to transform. You will experience more good, better health, stronger relationships, inner peace and joy.

God has given each of us everything we need to be, do and have what we need and desire in this life and the one to come. All we have to do is trust Him and choose to live each day to it's fullest!

I pray each of you is having a blessed holiday season (stress free) - let me stop here for a bit. This year take some pressure off yourself, slow down, think about what you are doing, are your actions laying a foundation for the future, will your running around shopping bring lasting joy to someone's life or will they lay aside the gift you buy or put it on a shelf and re-gift it next year? Have a stress free, pressure free holiday season and remember the reason for the season - J E S U S!

*If anyone you know is in need of sound, practical counseling refer them to me at apministries@hotmail.com or www.stayblessed.net. Sometimes this season causes some to peope to feel alone, depressed and hopeless, they may need someone to talk to, encourage and listen to them.

Those who have your copies of my new book visit the website or email me and tell me what you got or are getting from it. Think about it, just one God-idea can make the difference in your life. If you have not gotten your copy yet, go to www.stayblessed.net today and get a signed copy from me.

God Bless, Annette Patterson, LES