Are you HAPPY?

I mean really happy. Can you honestly say Yes, regardless of what is going on around you?

This is a rhetorical question, that you need to answer.

Happiness is a state of mind (thinking, thoughts, feelings), it's your perspective on your life experiences. You CHOOSE to be happy. 

There is no person or thing or circumstance that can make you happy. It's a personal thing. God has given you all the Stuff you need to remain in a perpetual state of happiness.

Now, don't get me wrong, there are constant things, situations and people that can affect your attitude in a moment. You can be smiling, humming, dancing, singing or giving praises for just being alive. Happy! When the clerk at the store, who's having a bad day, projects her attitude toward you...all hell breaks loose inside you.

Are you still happy in that moment? Did that stranger ruin your day? 

Not if you are conscious of the forces out to get you. Oh, I hope you know there are forces, powers and negative energy on assignment to keep you from your purpose. Your purpose is directly tied to your happiness.

Our reaction to a thing, person, or situation determines our state of mind. You have POWER over All the power that can ever come against you!

Your job, should you decide to accept it, is to purposefully go to bed at night thinking happy thoughts (please stop watching the news before bed), having a smile on your face. Then waking up in the morning with a smile in your heart (please don't start your day watching or reading the news).

This practice of having happy, loving, grateful thoughts before sleep and immediately upon awaking, causes your subconscious mind (inward man, Spirit) to attract to you the happiness you desire in every area of your life. It may seem silly now, but try it for a week straight and I guarantee you will see, feel and know there has been a shift in your life.

Next time we will talk about how Affirmations will keep you happy day and night.

See you next time ❤️Always Annette Patterson, LES