I have been writing since I was a little girl.  I wrote poems, fictional stories and self help booklets from as early as eight years old.  I had no idea that those early desires to help people would be my purpose and passion in life.  Coming from a Christian background most of my writings have been influenced by my faith and personal relationship with God.  I was blessed with a childhood most would call a curse.  I call it a blessing because, through my abuse, shame, pain, loneliness, and tears I have been able to help others overcome the pain, mistakes and disappointments of their past.

 I have also always had a fascination for business and positive thinking. I traveled for over a decade, following successful business men and motivational speakers who taught me that I can have, do and be anything I desire.  These life lessons are evident in my various writings.  When I discovered that most of what I was learning was in the "Word of God" the Bible, a light-bulb went off and I realized that positive thinking, expectations of good, health and success is of God and has to be taught to believers.  God wants to give each of us the very best life we can live, if we believe.

I have two titles available: 7 Steps to Receiving the Desires of Your Heart: A Biblical Approach to True Prosperity (paperback shipped directly from me); How to be How to Have Healing, Health & Wellness at any age (part of the How to Live ebook Series download your Kindle copy at Amazon.com. 

You are not defined by your past, however, using your past experiences help you determine your future.                  - Annette Patterson, LES

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